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Finally, a simple all-natural orange cake that actually tastes of oranges!

I used the zest of two large navel oranges instead of an orange and a lemon because it took two oranges to yield 1/2 cup of fresh juice.

I also used my immersion blender to process the zest with the sugar so the sugar gets infused with the orange oil and makes for a more intense orange flavor than just adding the zest alone.

When I want something traditionally Spanish/North African I replace half the flour with ground almonds and almost always add a teaspoon of good French brandy just to add some depth.

I cook this in a large gratin dish and serve it plain, though I bet it would be delicious with a pillow of cardamom-scented softly whipped cream.

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Miss Plumcake April 19, 2012

I found this recipe very simple and yet delicious. It took me less time to bake it than what is stated.

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hamideh63005 February 13, 2012

I made this cake using all ruby red grapefruit rind and juice. The taste was excellent (and not too sweet). I will definitely be making this again. Thanks so much for posting!

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coconutty February 03, 2013
Zesty Orange Olive Oil Cake