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Nice spice mix. I made it as directed and made the dressing with it. The dressing was very herby...not quite Italian tasting to me. I'm going to try the spice mix on chicken like you suggested and see if I like it better that way. Freddy Cat says hi! Made in honor of Sharon's husband via kittencalskitchen.com.

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Engrossed November 03, 2010

I have been making this for a couple of years now and was sure I had rated it. Oh well, I am doing it now. Today is about the 7th time I have made the blend and I wouldn't want to be without it in my cupboard! I use it for every recipe where Italian seasoning is called for, I add it to my own spaghetti sauce, dry rub chicken and pork chops with it and now and then use it for salad dressing. Thanks so much for sharing this gem!

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K9 Owned December 06, 2013

PERFECT!! Well with a minor adjustment...extra vinegar when putting the dressing together. I did make it well ahead of time to let all the flavors come out. I absolutely love that there is like three more spice mixtures sitting in the pantry standing by. Very quick to throw together as well....add oil, little less vinegar, and a little less water with two scoops spice! I put it in an old dressing bottle & we are in business!! Thanks Sharon!! Veg*n Swap 25!!

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Mindelicious August 09, 2010

I am not a fan of pre-bottled salad dressings. The ingredients alone on the bottle will tell you why. As a result, I really like to make my own from scratch. Italian dressing has to be one of my favorites, so I was really pleased to try this one. I will say, I like this dressing mix more after it sat for a couple hours or so. I used the dressing on some greens right after I mixed it up, and the dried spices were still a little "dried". I might cut back a tad on the oregano next time. I also think I will add a bit more vinegar, as another reviewer suggested, I like it really tangy. I have been using this dressing on my salad all week, with a little bit of nutritional yeast sprinkled over the top as well.

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Kozmic Blues April 28, 2010

YUM! Thanks for posting this one, Sharon! I mixed some up and used it to make the dressing as you suggested. I added extra vinegar, as that's how I always make mine. I love that you can control the salt and sugar in this recipe (I used Splenda).

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JanuaryBride April 14, 2010

So far I've used this mixture to make the salad dressing and loved it. It all comes together very quickly. Why buy commercial dressing when this is so easy? I'll be trying it as a rub soon, too. Made for Alphabet Soup Tag.

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Dreamer in Ontario March 13, 2010

Excellent spice blend that made a wonderful light tasting Italian dressing with the perfect blend of spices. I made this up today to use on my salads at work this coming week. Instead of the EVOO I used Canola Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend that had Omega-3 DHA added which worked so well with this recipe and made it a little healthier for me. I used Splenda as a sub for the sugar to lower the calories a little more. Thanks so much for sharing. Made for PRMR :)

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~Nimz~ March 07, 2010

Made up the spice mix for this recipe to use more as a blend to shake on veggies, meats etc... flavor combination is wonderful. To be honest, I don't know if I will ever make it into the salad dressing as intended, because it probably won't last in the cabinet long enough. Thanks for Sharing Sharon. Made and reviewed for the 38th AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Chef Buggsy Mate March 07, 2010

This was yummy dressing. The blend of spices are really exceptional. I am glad it made for quite a bit of mix. When I mixed with the oils and vinegars I had cut back a bit on the oil part, more like half and half. Next time I would add extra vinegar to make it a bit more tangy. But it was a great dressing for just a simple salad. Had this salad with A Lulu of a Wrap! and it went great together. Thanks so much for a delicious lunch Sharon, thanks for sharing. Made in memory of Sharon's DH

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FrenchBunny October 24, 2010

This is so easy to make - and completely fits my love of homemade dressings! The flavour is fantastic, too! Nice and zesty, lots of herbs, garlic - it's all there! I used Lindas Cajun Spice Mix for the cajun seasoning, and as I didn't have onion powder, used onion flakes. Perfect! Thanks so much for posting, Sharon! Recipenapped for Veggie Swap 21.

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Katzen April 02, 2010
Zesty Italian Dressing Spice Mix