Zesty 57 Marinade

Total Time
24hrs 1min
1 min
24 hrs

ZIPPY. This came from Heinz 57. Cook time represents 1 to 24 hour marination time

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  1. Combine ingredients. Set a little bit aside. Marinate beef, chicken or pork 1 to 24 hours. Brush chicken or meat with reserved marinade while grilling. Makes about 3/4 cup. (enough for 4 chicken breasts, pork chops or 1 flank steak).
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I marinated small steaks for several hours and we actually stood shivering in rainy, cold weather to grill, LOL. I used Heinz Bold & Hearty Steak Sauce. YUM!

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I found this recipe on the back of the 57 Sauce bottle and just made it up tonight. Its flavorful and EASY and unlike other marinades I've come across, it DOES NOT have added garlic in it which right now is a HUGE plus (pregnant and the baby doesn't like garlic). Great recipe! Thanks!

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This was yummy. I made it tonight using boneless pork chops. Will definatly make this again. Thank you!