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This makes a lot! Although I halved the recipe it was still more than plenty. The dressing is tangy and goes well with the salad. The leftovers needed a little more juice so I made some more dressing the next day. I think I would have preferred chick peas instead of the kidney beans but that is a matter of taste. All in all a good recipe with potential to play with. Thanks for creating and posting. Made for Raiders of the Lost Pantry Contest.

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Chef Dudo June 22, 2013

I cut back to 2 servings then found this served more like 4-6 servings. The peas I didn't cook no need. I used frozen roasted corn, the tuna was a 5 ounce can, the kidney beans I used the whole 14 ounce canned, loved the pickles in this it was a nice tease every now n then making you want more. I did add a red bell pepper that I had left over from an other recipe. As for the dressing I did double the chili sauce. Tasted at that point and was delish but after chilling it could have used more dressing. We would have enjoyed some heat from pepper flakes or a jalapeno. That being said all in all very good. You got the tang from the pickles and lime, Sweet from the sauce, corn and raisins, salty from the tuna and then all the textures!! But I must say left overs were dry and need some babying. So make and serve the same day.

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Rita~ June 21, 2013
Zen Rice Salad