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Fabulous bread recipe! The flavor is wonderful and I love the texture, too. We just had some with dinner and my family all inhaled slice after slice. I'm already craving some toasted! It took me a while to find gluten, but I finally did. Now I have a small box and am already looking forward to making this bread recipe again. I halved the recipe to make 2 loaves. I only had one problem (which did not affect the taste at all) - my bread did not get nearly as big/tall as in your picture. In fact, I was thinking I should have put all of the dough into 1 pan (instead of 2 - for half the recipe). After looking at your photo, I'm thinking something wasn't quite right with the way I did mine. I did the sponging, and the 2 rising times - and it appeared to rise each time. So, not sure where I went wrong.? That said, it still tasted wonderful. We loved it. Thanks!! ~Made for the March Aus/NZ Recipe Swap~

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LifeIsGood April 03, 2010

I had posted in a thread about getting my whole wheat bread to rise. This chef gave me her recipe. It does take quite a bit longer than my recipe, but boy does it turn out yummy! Light, yet stays together. I accidentally used 2 cups Five Grain Hot Cereal (dry) plus 1 cup freshly ground whole wheat and 3+ cups of white. I had leftovers from Caramel Apple Oatmeal. I was worried about the small amt of oil, but it was okay. I mixed for 8 min. in the Bosch and did 2 rises. I was leary about 400° as I bake mine at 350, so did 375 and brushed melted butter on after. These only made 2 decent sized loaves. I am going to try this with all whole wheat next time and see how it goes. Cross your fingers.

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WI Cheesehead January 15, 2009

Came together easily and made a rich, soft, flavorful loaf of bread. While working with the dough I was aware that this is a well-used and long-tested recipe, as all the amounts seemed right and the result was perfect the first time. Made for OZ/NZ swap. (Although reviewer and chef live within 60 miles of one another in Oregon, USA!)

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Lavender Lynn May 19, 2008
Zaugg Family Favorite Bread