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I knew the double boiler my mother gave me would come in handy one day (even though I rarely cook dessert). I made this for hubby and I tonight, we LOVED IT!! I looked at the nutrition facts of this recipe and have been contemplating on whether to make this or not. Boy lemme tell ya, whipping up those yolks is a real calorie burner right there. It definetely takes me more than "5 minutes" to make this, but totally worth it. Yum! I think this is quite a versatile recipe; perhaps the addition of vanilla extract, cinnamon, or lemon zest would work wonders. I will post the results soon! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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Izzy Knight July 05, 2002

This is GREAT and it is AWFUL! I thought that the wine was completely overpowering,, and should have been reduced to a few tablespoons. Other than that, I LOVED it! It thickened up quite nicely; I added vanilla extract and that was awesome. Also added some cinnamon. I served it with spiced brown sugar shortbread cookies. Thanks for the recipe, I look forward to playing around with it!

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macsrealm August 24, 2009

Oh wow. this was fun XD but I do agree that this took FAR longer than five minutes :D. I did mine with sparkling white grape juice (a recommended substitution if you didn't have the marsala..which..i didn't) And i also used some vanilla extract, cinnammon, and five egg yolks instead of the four. 0.o; i was kinda touch and go with the exact measurements, but it's definetley a delight, the white grape juicee added a wonderful kick after the soft and suddel creaminess of when it first touched the mouth. it's leaving bubbles on my mouth. :D how delcious and simple, but it does take more than five minutes!

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Melisse March 30, 2005