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We had a last BBQ Fling, taking all that we had in the freezer out. I served these topped with fresh grilled veggies (colorful bell peppers, red onions and the last of the gardens zucchini) on grilled French poor boy buns. A wonderful switch from the all summer long beef, tomato and lettuce. These will be on the menu more often next year.

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L DJ September 29, 2002

Being too jetlagged to do much cooking this past Friday, I managed to drag myself onto the computer just long enough to download the recipe and mix up a batch. I even got to use my newly purchased Microplane zester on the lemon and ginger! These are easy enough to do with your (jetlagged} eyes closed! My BH did the grilling, and we were a very happy family that evening. The name of the recipe caught my eye, as it reminded me of my Swedish grandmother, who always told me that if it was chilly out to take a yacket with me. Thanks Miller, these were worth opening up my eyes to eat them!

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Mirj July 28, 2002

These burgers were very juicy and delicious. They are something different from your normal everyday burger. I added some red onion (carmelized) to the top and it was fantastic!

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MythThyng April 08, 2004

Hey! This is Bec! This has to be the first hamburger recipe I have ever made! Normally, I just mix together the ground beef with ketchup, some salt, and some pepper. I was taken off gaurd when I first took a bite. Even though I knew it wasn't going to taste like a regular hamburger, I still half-expected it! Since I did have two of them, and the rest of my sisters, I suppose I can say I liked them! As far as the recipe goes, all the ingredients were on hand, it was easy to prepare, and the burgers were done in no time. With the pound of ground beef, it made 5 big burgers. Very cool. While they were being cooked, my sister said, "They smell like a stir-fry!" :It was probably the ginger. Well, thank you very much for the recipe! It was a great change!

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Bec November 26, 2003
Yumpin' Yiminy Burgers