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Made this today for lunch and served with Crunchy Ranch Chicken Fingers#12466. Very simple, easy and tasty. I followed the directions and put it into my file. Made for Let's Party December 2010 tag game. Thank you for submitting.

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mama smurf December 16, 2010

Wonderful soup blisstir!! My family just loved the variety of vegetables, colors, textures and flavors - pretty and delicious. We'll put this in our repeat file. Thanks!

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Acerast September 22, 2007

This is the first real vegetable soup I have ever made! I am so glad I chose this one-- ooh I love veggies! I did make some changes though: I omitted the oil and just did a quick spray of butter flavored cooking spray on the bottom of the sauce pan before I added the veggies. Since I prepared the veggies yesterday (I was going to make it yesterday, but something came up) the juices from the red pepper and stuff mixed with the seasonings and formed their own little sauce to cook in. I used one big zuchinni, a medium potato, a ton of baby carrots to cover the two carrots called for (probably even more, but that is ok!) I added two dashes of salt, and a bunch of pepper (I don't know how much total, just a little bit here and there) Is there a big difference between Chicken seasoning and poultry seasoning? Maybe, but all I had was chicken seasoning, and it worked just fine! Again, this was excellent- all the flavor, all the vegetables! Thanks for sharing!

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Bec May 18, 2004
Yummy Vegetable Soup