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Took this for a test-drive just last night and wasn't disappointed. Of course, there were a few changes for personal taste, but only a few, such as substituting Sriracha sauce for the tabasco, and adding a couple tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, and I used it on leg quarters instead of wings. I also used it as a marinade first, and after putting the chicken on the grill I boiled the remainder of the sauce for 10+ minutes and used it to baste the chicken the last half hour or so. Ended up with great tasting chicken that had nice reddish black bark built up as well. Looked darn near professional! I feel confident this would be a good sauce, with modifications, for pork as well and plan on finding out soon.

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rodney h. June 27, 2010

I followed the recipe exactly and I was really happy with the result. The flavour was not overpowering, in fact it was quite subtle, but very tasty. It was a nice mix of flavours.

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Just Alison September 30, 2006
Yummy Sticky Chicken Wings