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Yummy! These taste great, unfortunatly they fell apart when I took them out of the tin, but they were probably still to warm. Made them without nuts, for the kids and they loved making and eating them!

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Denisebrum Taylor July 23, 2003

2-thumbs up!they taste really good! and the good thing about them is that you can do them whenener you want b/c they don't require a lot of ingredients! really good!!!

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parapapapa December 17, 2003

so yum!! i use 4oz of chocolate. =) i've used this recipe many times with different kinds of chocolate(dark, milk). it's nice with toffee bits, nuts, etc. =)

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jenjen =) January 08, 2008

Update: My oven just got fixed, so I tried this recipe out again, and I am happy to report that this time tbe brownie turned out perfect. I doubled the recipe and used 8 oz dark choc and no chocolate chips, and knew that I had to change this review. Thank you for posting Even with the bottom slightly burnt, this brownie tasted fantastic... crispy outside, and chewy inside. I added choc chips instead of nuts, and used 3.5 oz dark chocolate. Next time, I would experiment with either a lower baking temperature or a shorter baking time. Thank you for posting.

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Ilovemy4kids September 01, 2006

I'm having a craving for chocolate, but I'm stuck at home with a broken foot and our car has been in the shop for over a week. I have limited ingredients, but found half a box of semisweet baking chocolate in the cupboard. I was really happy to find this recipe!! It is extremely quick and easy to make. I did melt the butter with the chocolate, but I don't think that made spreading the batter any easier. However, I don't think it was that big of a deal. As long as you use an 8 inch square pan, it should be fine. It does spread very thin and the brownies are very thin as well. Kind of crunchy on the edges, but I used a stoneware pan so that's to be expected. Very chewy in the middle. No nuts because I'm allergic. I just ate a bunch out of the pan (still quite warm) and it didn't fall apart like other reviewers noted. I didn't read the reviews beforehand, but I think adding vanilla would be a good idea. It does taste a bit different from a regular brownie, but still good. Thanks!

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nranger7 February 27, 2006

I agree with the previous reviewer who said "It was really thick, very uneasy to spread." Perhaps if the butter was melted, the batter would have been easier to spread. I was surprised that the recipe had no vanilla extract in it. I added 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract to my batch. I also left out the nuts but added chocolate chips on top instead. The brownies tasted ok to me but I think I have other brownie recipes that I will use on a regular basis.

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Marie Nixon February 20, 2005

Tried this recipe and you should have seen them disappear. Great and simple recipe to make.

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Letag January 05, 2005

Good Lord! These are so rich and fudgey and gooey and just plain sinful! I doubled the recipe and baked in a 9x13" pan, they took just over 30 minutes for me--at 25 the center was still jiggly. Don't forget your glass of milk! You'll need it. ;) Thanks for a fab recipe, Meow! :)

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canarygirl July 09, 2004

These were real good. I have a hard time finding good homemade brownie recipes. I left out the nuts and added choco chips on top instead. It had a nice chewy texture and the BF thought it had carmel in it. I guess b/c of the brown sugar.

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CrystalA July 07, 2004

I am really sorry but I tried this recipe and it really didn't taste right to me. I followed the recipe to the tea and still feel as if it didn't come out right. I feel that lack of cocoa powder and baking soda caused an effect in the recipe. It was really thick, very uneasy to spread and not very soft at all. Again I am not trying to be overly critical, but this is how my recipe turned out. I am really sorry once again.

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lynda clark February 17, 2004
Yummy Soft and Simple (Evil) Brownies