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I'm sooo glad I didn't cut the recipe in half when I made these for Christmas! This is the best and only oatmeal cookie recipe I'll use from now on!!! The ground up oatmeal in this recipe gave the cookie a better texture and helped hold the cookie together vs any regular chocolate chip cookie or oatmeal cookie. These cookies don't spread much at all (which I like because they result in a nice thickness!) so you have to shape/flatten them into rounds before you bake them or else the balls you bake will have a rounded top (unless that's what you're going for). Once I mixed up the batter I divided it into quarters and made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, chocolate butterscotch chip pecan oatmeal cookies, red and green M&M oatmeal cookies, and cranberry white chocolate walnut oatmeal cookies. Everyone loved these but especially the cranberry version. I love this recipe!

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SSX January 07, 2010

I have been searching for the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for a while now. I have tried many very good recipes--some were even exceptionally good. However, none have them has even come close to this recipe. I really think that the thing that makes this recipe so good is the fact that half the oats are ground in the food processor before being mixed in. It gives the cookies a perfectly chewy consistency yet allows them to be nice and thick at the same time. I will definitely be making this one again. I used Ghirardellli milk chocolate chips, but I will be sure to experiment with other fillers.

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Canadian_in_the_Bay July 19, 2012

This makes a whole lotta cookies but they are heavenly-delicious so they'll go quick! Easy recipe, I'm loving trying cookie recipes with oatmeal in the dough because it prevents the cookie from spreading too much on the pan. Huge hit with the family :) Very clever, grinding up half the oatmeal called for---makes for a great texture in the finished result. I had to change my baking time to 12 minutes ea. but that's because I probably dropped down a larger amount of dough per cookie. Easy! Would totally recommend this to friends and family.

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maekay November 09, 2012

The only thing I will do differently next time I make these is to cut the recipe in half. With 4 cups of sugar, 4 cups of flour and 5 cups of oatmeal it was almost more than my Kitchen Aid bowl could hold and I ended up with over 10 dozen scrumptious cookies. I didn't have quite enough butter so I used Crisco for 1/2 cup of the butter requirement. I was also short by 1/2 lb for the chocolate chips. I don't believe these changes had any negative effect on the final product. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. Made for Veggie Swap 38. An update on this review: I've now made a half recipe of this wonderful cookie substituting raisins for the chocolate chips as per DH's request and it's still a fantastic cookie. It's definitely staying in my favourites cookbook.

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Dreamer in Ontario October 14, 2011

Just wonderful - highly addictive.

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morgankt May 23, 2016

I got 5 1/2 dozen cookies from this recipe, and that's AFTER I halved it! Great basic recipe, I tweaked it here and there and the final product is delicious - the entire family has been enjoying them ^_^

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Rowen G. December 28, 2015

I halved the recipe and it was all my stand mixer could hold. Glad I didn't try the full recipe. I didn't have any chocolate chips, so substituted raisins, and these cookies were a big hit in my house. I love how they didn't melt and spread out thin in the oven! I have never put the oatmeal in a food processor for cookies before, but this must be the difference! Will add cinnamon next time I make with raisins.

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lamb2112 March 31, 2014

Best cookie I have ever baked!!!

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55tbird January 26, 2014

These cookies are delicious! I made 10 dozen for a picnic and was all gone by the day. Everybody loved it. I added raisins and omitted the chocolate chips since some people can't eat it. I also added cinnamon to give it that old fashion taste. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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Candy P. October 21, 2013
Yummy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies