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Pretty good for low fat. I think an hour is way too long to bake though. Mine was done in 40 minutes and should have been taken it out after 35 a little too done for my taste. Guess it depends on your oven, mine is new. I used 4 egg whites (all I had) and 1/2 cup sour cream for extra moistness.

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GinGin :-) September 16, 2008

Very delicious! I used less chocolate chips and egg whites, but not sure this is low fat.

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mari_2052001 May 28, 2008

This was quite tasty. I don't really know if it is truly low fat considering the cake mix, chocolate chips, and pudding mix all have a bit of fat in them. (I have never seen a "fat free" cake mix in my grocery store) Keeping that in mind I also lowered the sugar content by using sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix, no sugar added applesauce and I cut the chocolate chips down to 6 ounces. I only had yellow cake mix on hand, so although the color looked a little strange, the cake was pretty yummy. The texture is somewhere in the middle between light and dense, but is moist and flavorful nonetheless. The batter was quite thick and I ended up needing to add about 1/3 of a cup more water to yield a better consistency. An hour seemed like a long amount of baking time so I set my timer for 45 minutes, and when I checked on it at that time it was perfectly done. I'm glad I checked it early when I began to smell the delicious aroma emanating from my oven, because if it had baked any longer it would have been much drier and harder in texture. Overall, this was a super easy, quick and tasty and I appreciate you sharing the recipe! We enjoyed it most slightly warm and with a cup of coffee.

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shimmerchk January 04, 2007

Plese people we here at overseas dont know what kind of cakemixes you use so try to tell the usuan ingrediences, like flour and etc

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Tiina October 04, 2002

I just want all who view this recipe to know that the nutrition facts are wrong. The entire cake doesn't have 12 grams of fat if you make it the way I listed the ingredients in the recipe. So, give it a try. People gobble this cake up. The owner of our gym just about ate the whole cake I took to him. It really is good. [Editor's note: the number of grams of fat listed at right is for each serving of this cake, not the whole cake. If you have questions about where the fat comes from please click the See Details link in the Nutritional Facts box.]

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REBECCA October 04, 2002
Yummy Low Fat Chocolate Chip Pound Cake