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This casserole was good. I think I used too crispy of French bread (it was marked down because it had to be sold by the day I bought it, so it was a little harder than normal). Still, it turned out fine, and my boys devoured it. I love French Toast Casserole, and because my son is allergic to eggs, I have not had the pleasure of making it in almost 5 years! This totally satisfied my craving! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful treasure!

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cmr1120 May 14, 2009

I have no allergies (at least to food), but I am Torah observant and do not eat meat and dairy together. We were having a meat meal and I wanted to serve some kind of bread pudding for dessert. After a quick search, this was the perfect choice. I used my own dairy-free, egg free challah recipe (Nadav's Delicious Challah), and we always have dairy-free marg and soy milk in the house. I used date honey instead of molasses. It took me all of 30 seconds to put this together and the finished product was delicious! I served it with homemade, non-dairy vanilla ice cream and it was a huge hit. This is going to be a regular dessert at our Friday night Shabbat table, thanks!

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Mirj January 28, 2009
Yummy French Toast Casserole - Egg-Free, Dairy-Free