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Easy, delicious recipe! Instead of adding the flavoring to the whole batch in the pot, I went ahead and split them out into 3 bowls and added a few drops of flavoring to each bowl at the same time as adding the food coloring. I made these for Christmas, so I made green ones flavored with almond extract, red ones flavored with orange extract, and left a batch white with vanilla extract. They were a pretty addition and quite tasty. I rolled them into balls this time, but I am interested in trying out the cookie cutter idea next time! Thanks for sharing. PARTY '10

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Starrynews December 26, 2010

Made these for Christmas and split the dough into 3 parts. Used the butter flavoring like you suggested, almond and vanilla. Very good! Be conservative with the vanilla , stronger than the flavorings. I wasn't sure how long to

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Cindy V123 December 21, 2014
Yummy Cream Cheese Candy