Yummy Brussels Sprouts With Bacon & Onion

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

I came up with this myself. Since brussels sprouts have a similar flavor to cabbage, I have adapted my cabbage recipe for them. My husband thought he did not like brussels sprouts until I made these. I usually have to do a double batch and we end up fighting over the leftovers!!!

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  1. Cook brussels sprouts according to package. I steam mine in the microwave.
  2. While sprouts are cooking, in a pot on the stove, cook your bacon and onion together. Cook until bacon and onion are thoroughly done.
  3. Add brussels sprouts to bacon & onion. Add margarine and salt & pepper to taste. When margarine is melted, you are done!
  4. I like to cook mine until the sprouts get a little brown on the bottom.
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I love brussels sprouts! I didn't have an onion so I used some onion salt and a pinch of garlic powder, very good subs. I'm kinda glad that my DH doesn't eat brussels sprouts so I can have the leftovers! I could make a meal off these and hot cornbread!

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Very easy and tasty. My husband loves brussels and I can usually tolerate them, but add some bacon and onions and I am in! We will totally make these again, I may even try to roast fresh sprouts in the oven and then coat them in the yummy bacon, onion, butter mixture. Thanks for sharing!

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Before writing my review,I have to say " I've never really liked brussels sprouts." But afer making and trying this particular recipe, I've changed my mind ":).Except for using a 12 ounce bag( only size I could find.)the recipe was made as it was written even down to steaming them in the microwave.Before adding the sprouts to the bacon/onion mixture they were cut in half to coat them better.The taste was WAY better than my SO and I expected. I mean How can you go wrong with bacon & onion ?I WILL make this again. Thank you so much for changing us into brussels sprouts fans." Keep Smiling :) "