Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 45 mins

I was sitting around one day wondering how to make my brown rice taste good and this is what I came up with. Makes a very flavorful side dish. I'm sure it could use some tuning up in the fat department, but it's oh so good! This dish goes GREAT with chicken, pork, steak - pretty much any main dish - and takes the "blah" out of brown rice while adding an excellent source of healthy grains.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Add brown rice to water per directions on package.
  2. At this time also add all the above ingredients EXCEPT FOR MUSHROOMS.
  3. NOTE: You will need to adjust the amount of seasonings to the amount of rice you are preparing.
  4. The above measurements are for preparation of 4 SERVINGS.
  5. Let cook as directed on box.
  6. When there's only 15 minutes left to cook, saute mushrooms in butter and mix into the rice.
  7. Cover and finish cooking until all water is absorbed.


Most Helpful

We really enjoyed this rice dish. I used Uncle Ben's converted brown rice and it was really great! Thank you for posting this recipe.

MarthaRN March 15, 2009

Very tasty and easy. My first time making brown rice (trying to get a little more healthy, If Im going to eat it, it might as well have something healthful in it) anyway I used beef stock broth from a carton as my water measurement, I also added a little onion powder...smells wonderful and taste even better!

Christy M. From Indiana January 21, 2009

Loved this recipe. I try to get my boyfriend to eat more rice, and this got him raving and excited about rice. He wanted to give the recipe more than 5 stars! We paired with steak and the flavors went great together. Thanks for posting! We used instant brown rice so it took less than 10 minutes for ours to cook. Very quick!

CarrieQuiteContrary March 04, 2008

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