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If you're like me and looked at this recipe and said "there's no way I can roll a cake", DON'T RUN AWAY! I made this as a layer cake. I cut the sponge cake into quarters and put the cream cheese icing on top of each layer. It looked great with the cream cheese puffing out between the layers a bit, and I didn't have to refrigerate it to cut it!
Like most people, I modify recipes a tad. I left the cake, but knew I'd need a lighter filling. So I left out the banana extract and subbed half of the amount of butter with heaping tablespoons of whipped cream. I can't imagine the icing being any heavier than it was, and banana extract would have overpowered the delicious banana flavor of the cake! Definitely try this-- the whole family loved it.

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annabee800 August 15, 2010

Mmm...this was good and fairly easy to make! I made the mistake of not sugaring my towel enough - OOPS! My cake tore a little. Oh well, still tastes great. Thanks for another great recipe!

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Lil Monkey April 05, 2009
Yummy Banana Cake Roll