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Doubled this recipe (I guess it would be 10 cup salad!) to take to a company get-together. It was super easy and quick to put together and the results were wonderful. Everyone really liked the combination. I thought the sour cream in it seemed strange, but it really made a nice base for the salad and took on the other flavors. Thanks much for the recipe. I am also posting a picture in gratitude :)

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Karen=^..^= September 28, 2002

My brother hates coconut and I hate mandarin oranges and marshmallows...but this salad makes you forget all that. The wonderful combination is a pallet explosion. I am so thrilled that I tried it. It will be a regular in my home.

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ThinOne October 13, 2005

I am thrilled that other people are calling this the same thing that my mom has named it! She makes this every Christmas and Thanksgiving and when she is not able to I make it for her. It always disappears! So simple yet so tasty! I think I will add the pecans like one other person added.. Love love love pecans!!!!!

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Rachwannabe November 29, 2007

This recipe has been a tradition for all Christmas dinners in our family for years. My aunt introduced this recipe to the family after she and my uncle were married. She is gone now, but the tradition continues. I remember making this for a Thanksgiving gathering with some friends (before she told me the recipe again and had we write it down) and I couldn't remember if there were 5 ingredients or 7, so I just put things into a bowl. I ended up with the 5 original ingredients, as well as 1 cup of chopped pecans and 1 cup of well-drained fruit cocktail. Everyone loved it, so sometimes I make it that way for occasions here at home or with friends. But I always make it the traditional way when we go home for Christmas.

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cam7 August 31, 2007

Very good! I brought it to a family get-together and my Grandma recognized the recipe immediately as one that she used to make years ago.

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Bread 'n Butter April 28, 2007

This is a must have fruit salad at all of our holiday dinners. I've tried variations of this recipe but always come back to the original. It could fill the bill as a fruit salad or dessert, you choose, awesome either way. As a side note, I have made this fruit dish using low fat and no fat sour cream with success. It's also very pretty using the colored mini marshmellows. Thanks Ms. Diggy for posting a favorite.

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Happy Hippie March 15, 2007

This is one of DH's favorites! We always have a bunch left over, but he gets up and finishes it off sometime after I'm asleep. I never have any left for the next day. Good, good recipie.

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Countrywife July 21, 2005
Yummy 5 Cup Salad