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Really a lemony cupcake with strawberry frosting, these really are yummo, and super easy to make. Sour cream in the batter is a really nice touch. We had to bake them over 25 minutes, however, and suggest that times may vary by climate and oven. Made for OZ/NZ swap, Feb 08.

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Lavender Lynn February 27, 2008

Awsome recipe

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Shenaeze September 17, 2012

Ok, first let me say that even though I had a bit of trouble with these I still think they deserve 5 stars based on taste, and the fact that the mistakes might have been mine through conversion to U.S. measurments and cooktime.... I think I needed to cook them longer maybe, because mine sunk in the middle quite a bit. They passed the toothpick test so I figured they were done, but I think it could have gone 5 minutes more even. I did already cook them 25 minutes at that point. The second problem I had was in the frosting. It was just making a syrup basically and didn't look anything like Lynn's which is what I was basing mine off of lol. So I added some heavy whipping cream and that really helped. It also had an odd flavor before adding the cream. The finished frosting was still on the runny side, but much better. I also think I could have stretched the batter to make a few more, rather than force it all into 12 liners because I was too lazy to get another pan out lol. They sorta ran into eachother on top because of this. For the cupcakes themselves I opted to use the lemon zest as stated, but changed the milk to orange juice as recommended for variations. The cupcakes had a wonderful flavor with that combo! Which together with the strawberry icing was phenomenal! They are a nice moist cupcake thanks to the sour cream. So as a recap... even though they didn't come out looking perfect, and there were some bumps along the way (possibly my fault) these were still some of the yummiest cupcakes I have tasted!

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CulinaryExplorer April 23, 2008
Yummo Strawberry Cupcakes