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I am OBVIOUSLY not good with pre-made cookie dough ~ I had the WORST time with this... :( but the results were DELICIOUS. I used strawberry preserves, and even DD, who is not a fan of sugar cookies, kept stealing them off the plate ~ they WERE NOT pretty but that was my fault, not yours. I used a star-shaped cookie cutter and the ones that came out, came out great - I had to piece the others together. I will try this recipe again, as they were a hit at our church, even though most were not real pretty, my cookie tray was EMPTY at the end of the evening :) This recipe would be great for any occasion I think, just change the design of your cookie cutter to fit the theme. Thanks 2Bleu for sharing the recipe ~ made for HOLIDAY PRMR, December 2009!

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FloridaNative December 20, 2009

My cookies didn't come out looking like the picture, but that's okay since I just made them for fun. I also used raspberry preserves, and they still taste very, very yummy!

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Abbs <3 March 19, 2009

I tried this using a home made sugar cookie dough and homemade plum preserves. Despite great beginnings, I was had some trouble with the final results as the dough beneath the preserves didn't quite set up and was unpleasant in taste and texture. Not really quite sure what happened as I love pocket or filled cookies and have had no trouble before. Wondering if the dough I chose as basic sugar cookie was perhaps too delicate for the jam, and that the results using commercial dough in the end would have been superior. The cookies were very pretty and I did use the small 6-point star from my Linzer cookie cutter.

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justcallmetoni December 19, 2008

They were very easy to make. I used the pre-made cookie dough for these the first time I made them, so I can follow the recipe all the way through. I would use a homemade sugar cookie dough the next time though. I used a white sugar for decorating and it looked so pretty. This is the cookie that you imagine when you think of sugar plums dancing. This could very easily be made into any flavor you desire with the use of different preserves. I'd like to try this with star cutouts and blueberry and cherry fillings for summer bbqs. Made and Reviewed for Please Review My Recipe tag - Thanks! :)

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LilPinkieJ December 14, 2008
Yule Love These Sugar Plum Cookies