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Great! These are just like those yeasty rolls in the restaurant. Talk about an easy way to make bread. Unless I need agression therapy I will never knead another loaf of bread! I have an electric kitchen, so I get out the old heating pad. Put a hand towel on top of the heat pad and a tea towel on top of the bread and place the bread on top of the heat pad to rise. Works perfectly every time. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Miss Annie October 10, 2002

BINGO!! You've nailed it. There is a fairly "fancy" restaurant I have been to a few times and they serve these crossiants that have this sweet/sticky glaze. As you suggested I used the frozen dinner roll dough and as soon as I bit into one of these I knew this was the "secret" to those fancified crossiants!!! Not only does it taste wonderful, but they look so nice with that glistening glaze over them. I will be using this on both the frozen dinner roll dough as well as crossiants!! Thanks for sharing this GREAT recipe :)

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Shae October 13, 2002

I put this on a loaf of Harvest Wheat Bread that had just come out of my bread machine last night. We'd had such a big dinner that I didn't even offer it to anyone. When my youngest daughter came home from school this afternoon, she sliced the bread and proceeded to prepare her afternoon snack. She came to me and said, "Mom what did you put on top of this bread? It's so shiny and pretty and it tastes delicious!" I told her I'd made a honey and butter glaze and used it rather than the traditional butter. Now she wants me to use this method for all of my homemade breads in the future. Thanks for sharing Heather!

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Cindy Lynn October 15, 2002

these were GREAT! i made them for our christmas dinner. because i had so much to cook i needed an easy roll recipe. this fit the bill perfectly. i did use butter instead of margarine but only because i didn't have any in the house. the glaze keeps the rolls very soft and it taste so yummy. these are so good that among the tons of leftovers i had there was not a single roll left. i will definitely make these as a regular addition to our table. thanks for sharing the recipe! tt

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taylortwo December 26, 2002

So very yummy and so easy. mY husband and boys could not get enough. I used the smaller amount of honey and the larger amount of butter, which suited us fine. Just a hint of sweetness was all that was necessary. Oh, and DO use real butter. I never buy margarine, so wasn't going to get any special for this. But the butter is very tasty and although the studies go back and forth constantly.....the margarine is likely no better for you.......

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Heather W. April 15, 2010

Made these for Easter yesterday and wow-they are even better than the ones you get in a restaurant.I used Rhodes frozen rollls for this recipe. These rose in about 4 1/2 hours which was about an hour before dinner so I went ahead and baked them. Right before dinner I put them back in the oven for about 5 minutes and they were just as good as they were when I first took them out of the oven. I melted the margerine and honey and used a pastry brush to put on the rolls. I used 2 1/2 TBSP margerine and 1 1/4 TSP honey. I brushed one with the honey mixture to make sure that I liked it and my sister shoved the whole thing in her mouth-my mom was saying "don't put anything on them in case I don't like them". Then she tasted one and said "Put it on all of them" LOL. I literally had to hide them from my sister (this is a girl who only weighs 108 pounds, and when we go out to eat, she eats about 7 or 8 rolls first before dinner even arrives). Thank you so much for sharing this-I can't wait to make them again!

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msjill111 April 05, 2010

Do not make this recipe!! It is way too good! I topped my homemade buns Homemade Buns with this little trick and it was so incredibly delicious! My kids thought the honey was a very special treat too. The problem was that I couldn't control myself and promptly ate 3 buns right on the spot! So I repeat, do not make this recipe unless you want to eat yourself crazy! So much for watching my food intake right before Christmas ;) Off to eat other bun right now. . . . .

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* Pamela * December 17, 2003

I thawed the frozen bread dough in the fridge overnight, and layed it out to rise in the morning. It took about 4 hours and it was ready to go. I cut the loaves into roll-size peices using kitchen shears and placed them on a lightly oil-sprayed cookie sheet. The margarine was a little difficult to spread without slipping off the hot rolls and into the pan, so I let them cool until they were cool enough to handle, but still warm, and I dipped the tops in the mixture. I got a more even coat, and there was less mess. My only complaint is that the dough was kinda chewy instead of fluffy like in the restaurants, but still very good. I am adding pictures of the rolls and the 1 loaf I made soon!

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mandy71480 November 27, 2003

This is a great trick, HeatherFeather! I love the rolls from a local steakhouse and these tasted just like it! Thanks for posting!

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~cbw~ January 18, 2004

Thank you HeatherFeather for this wonderful tip! I used this to make Parkerhouse rolls and they came out fantastic...just like rolls in one of my favorite steakhouses! No more rolling out dough...no more kneading. This will be my main recipe for breads and rolls from now on.

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Dreamgoddess August 30, 2003
You've Got to Be Kidding Me Restaurant Rolls (or Bread)