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Fabulous recipe that worked perfectly, I was extremely pleased and proud of myself!!!! I had to think about the 'boats, since I started off with a 20" square of foil, before working out that since my foil roll was already 20" wide, I only needed to pull off about 8", enough to form my 'boat' as per instructions, which in fact worked out very well. Everything else was so straightforward and worked like a dream. I like to use my ABM for kneading, but this amount was far too big and I was reluctant to try cutting down the recipe, so I resorted to 'traditional' methods, with spectacular success!!! Thank you Cindi!! Made for P-A-R-T-Y tag!!

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Karen Elizabeth January 07, 2010

This bread is yummy and easy to make. The foil-boat-pan made no sense, so I baked it on a cookie sheet. The next time I make this I want to shape it into breadsticks instead of loaves.

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d0rkychyx0r February 15, 2005

Very good bread CindiJ...the crust is thick and chewy and the crumb is dense but soft.

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YungB March 02, 2012

OMG was this amazing bread!!! I tried it on a whim and was so surprised with how wonderful it was! I did not do the foil or corn meal. I used bread flour. Also, I used a pizza stone and preheated it in the oven for about 60-90 minutes prior to baking the loaves. I placed the raw dough directly on the pizza stone with a pan of water below it. I also cut the bread into 6 loaves, baking two and freezing the other four (after the final rest, just before baking) for another time. Can't wait to make more! Yumm!!! Thank you SO much for the wonderful recipe!

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Cakes2006 January 21, 2015
Your Own Crusty French Bread