Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

Barely nutritional meal suitable for all miscreant children.


  1. place bread on a steel prison lunch tray.
  2. Place glass of water out until it is room temperature.
  3. Serve to misbehaving child and say in your best parental tones,"Kids in Botswana would be proud to have so much"!
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I thought this was funny. I understand the comments of those who were upset. However, I took it all that it was meant to be...a little humor. My family originates from an area that would be considered 3rd world by some people's standards. My kids aren't perfect but whose are? My kids sometimes need that little dose of reality to have an understanding of how lucky they are compared to others. We have children in this country just as much as any other country where they're having to dig out of trash cans to find food for the DAY, for their entire family. As I said before, I took it for what it was just a cute little joke...nothing more/nothing less. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion...this is mine :-)

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i plan on serving this to my children tonight and may invite some of the neighbors children also!

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*falls over* oh, the halarity! wish i'd thought of posting this recipe first. some ppl have no sense of humour. heaven forbid children should be punished (gasp)!