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My son takes his own lunch to school - I had no cereal bar for him and tomorrow is Monday - needed a recipe fast and tried this one! I used maple syrup and soft brown sugar, and added a few chopped dates, apricots, and sunflower seeds and a pathetically small amount of raisins (was all I had left!) One cup of oats was quick-cook, the other cup was large "old fashioned" rolled oatflakes. And about half a cup of the flour was wholemeal. I made sure to cut them while still hot - I'm never sure which is the right thing to do with bars like this - cutting them while hot DOES seem to work. Only complaint I have (well, I had to taste them didnt I? to see if they are OK....) is that I had no chocolate! - but that's my fault!! Very quick and tasty bars.

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sally f March 09, 2003

the flavor is great, but these also fell apart for me. the small parts that stuck together I ate and almost made myself sick because they were so addictive, but the majority of it I just put in a bag because it was like powder.

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EMcooks March 17, 2008

This didn't stick together for me. I tried a half recipe (in 9x13) and used half white half whole wheat flour. I used the maple syrup and the brown sugar, as well as some coconut and some chocolate chips. I didn't melt chips on top because I was making it for a diabetic. It just crumbled up when I tried to slice (although it tastes good). Also there is no way I would be able to get 24 out of a half recipe, I would say 16 decent sized servings.

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Demandy March 16, 2008
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