Your Basic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Another Basic. This is great served with soup, and easy to make variations on. You can use different kinds of cheese, or bread, possibly even add a few veggies.


  1. Preheat the skillet.
  2. Coat each side of bread with butter, inside and out.
  3. Place pieces of cheese in the middle.
  4. Cook on a low heat until bread is toasty and cheese is melted, flipping often.
  5. The secret to this is cooking over a low heat, and flipping the sandwich often.


Most Helpful

Ah-hah! So THIS is how you make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Step #5, low heat and frequent turn, was a revelation.

Before finding these instructions, I cooked grilled cheese sandwiches on medium-high, but this method resulted in the best we have ever had. Not just homemade, not just in a diner, but ever!

Followed the instructions exactly, except added some thinly sliced fresh tomatoes. Used Italian bread.

Thank you Little Old Me!

pamelad June 14, 2011

The slow-cooking / low-heat method works great (though it takes a very long time)! My husband says this is the best I've ever made. I usually place cheese on both sides of the bread and pop it in the broiler for 1 min, then toss it in the pan for 1 min per side on med-high heat. It's done from start to finish in about 5 min, but the consistency of the cheese isn't as good as this. :) Thanks.

amy.cleaveland July 18, 2010

Served with Recipe #326015... dip the sandwich into the soup....mmmm

SashasMommy May 25, 2010

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