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What a great quiche recipe! It came out so tasty with a wonderful custardy filling that reminded me a lot of traditional egg based quiches. So great! The seasonings are a wonderful starting point, I especially enjoyed the mustard! To complement the veggies I used (carrots the first time round and zucchini the second time round), I added some more garlic, cayenne pepper, rosemary and black pepper.
I only had 1/2 the tofu needed and no nutritional yeast, but I threw everything together and it worked out perfectly nonetheless. :)
I had some hard-boiled eggs leftover (Im not a vegan) and so I added them to the quiche (making it non-vegan). I hope that was alright and did not totally destroy the purpose of the recipes. The second time I left them out and added more veggies and that was great, too.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful recipe with us, hon. It is my new go-to vegan quiche recipe and I shall make it often again.
For the crust I used 1/2 of this fantastic recipe: Aunt Jennie's Pie Crust (With Oil)
Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap # 48 August 2012.

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Lalaloula July 28, 2012

I wasn't sure what to expect but this recipe is very good. I picked this in Vegi Tag as a way to use leftover veggies -- however the only veggies I had in the veggi drawer were carrots - lots and lots of carrots, which I used combined with some veggi crumbles. I also used read parmesan cheese instead of the yeast or vegan parmesan and the vegan cheese I used was monterey jack flavored. Together with some salad this was a good and economical meal.

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ellie_ January 31, 2012
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