You Can Bet the Farm ... Hamburgers from Longmeadow Farm

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

The Longmeadow Farm was buzzing with activity today! Corn cribs were being filled to their full capacity, and tons of dust with particles were flying high over the top of the yellow barn. The alfalfa and timothy grass fields were being rolled in the distant fields by Bubba. Everyone was in a buzz to make sure everything was working and progressing along. Such is the case this particular Saturday, and to be honest here; not everything was progressing as normal. Chains broke, wheels flew off tractors as if taking flight, and the farm truck hose broke, hissing and spitting like a wild snake run amok. Ahhhhh, a typical Saturday on the farm. These are the kinda of days that makes my Dad steam like a "train whistle". In fact; my Dad, really doesn't always adhere to the old saying, "patience is virtue". Along about 12:30 or so in the early afternoon; after the old mower didn't start despite Jerry trying to stuff a rag on the miserly 2nd hand spark plug.......and so much ether was being sprayed around the workshop to start the mower, I am sure we could of put all of the neighboring folks asleep right where they stood. My dad calmly took off his hat, scratched his head, threw his hammer down in the dirt so hard it almost bounced back and hit him in the leg, while he implored and stated at the same time, "I've had enough"! Although my father tends towards obtaining a bit of an angry flair from time to time from all the mishaps on that happened during any particular Saturday; he does however, perk up when he knows we are having hamburgers for our "Saturday Lunch at the Farm". These are so easy to throw together, and with the addition of Worcestershire sauce, a great taste and fun too. Heck I even have vegan Worcestershire sauce and vegan crumbles to make this great, simple burger, for my sons, Bryan and Mike. I sure hope your day goes better then ours did........ if not--go make your own burger...... and you can even bet the farm on it. I did!

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  1. Combine beef, Worcestershire and garlic powder, salt, and pepper; shape into 4 burgers.
  2. GRILL over medium heat for 15 minute or until no longer pink in center, turning once.
  3. Serve burgers on rolls, with a large white onion, mayonnaise and tomato.
  4. Note: You can baste burgers with 2 tablespoons each Worcestershire Sauce and melted butter during grilling.
Most Helpful

What a wonderful, tasty and moist hamburger. I followed the instructions and added cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettece and like Bergy added some sauteed mushrooms. DELICIOUS!!! Served the with Roasted Sweet Potato Fries or Rounds#98439. Made for Let's PARTY tag game 2011.

mama smurf December 16, 2011

These were good, and moist, and nice, but just not what I had thought they would be by the ratings. Sorry, Andi.

~Bliss~ March 10, 2008

Since I just use a dab of mustard and a thick slice of spanish onion on my burgers, this worked very well. A simple recipe for a flavourful patty. Used two minced garlic cloves instead of the powder. Will do them this way often. Thanks for posting.

andypandy April 15, 2010