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I would love to give 5 stars, but I had to deviate a fair bit since this was an on the spot thing and I just didn't have all ingredients. I think I put a few too many veggies in for the liquid so this was sort of a glorified mash, but boy was it yummy! Used carrots in place of parsnip and also opted to partially roast the potatoes at the same time as the garlic. Used cinnamon myrtle in place of star anise (not sure why but it's the first thing I grabbed while looking for 5 spice). Finally I didn't want to open my cream for a small dish, so just added a little milk and then used stick blender. Texture was a bit too thick for soup, but it was a delightful meal anyway, specially for the man who has a sore tooth. Thanks for a great recipe idea and I look forward to making this one faithfully in future.

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Satyne November 27, 2013

This is a pretty amazing soup. The first taste seems so simple and then it just blooms on the palate. It is definitely special! (Note: I didn't put it through the sieve...just blended it really thoroughly with my stick blender--which worked just fine.) Be careful with the salt--don't start with the tablespoon listed...start with a teaspoon...then more to taste.

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BarbryT December 20, 2009
Yosemite Celariac Soup