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These are very very good! I have made shumai using other recipes before, but never with seafood. That was the main reason I wanted to try this. I did use the scallops, but could only find pre-cooked ones. I shredded them in my food processor, and they seemed to work fine. Because I was afraid the scallops might be salty, I went easy on the soy sauce and salt. I also added the chicken stock last, just to make sure I didn't get the mixture too wet. Actually, I didn't use the full amount. I made 1 1/2 times the recipe, and got exactly 60 dumplings. I used store-bought square shumai wrappers. Also, I never know how much green onion to use because I think Japanese green onions are sometimes very large. I used 2 Japanese green onions, which came to 1 cup minced, for the 1.5 batch. Thank you very much for sharing this lovely recipe with us. I'm glad I now know how to make another kind of shumai.

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mianbao June 05, 2012
Yokohama Style Shumai Dumpling