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I really liked this dish. I had never had anything like it before! I love the flavors and the texture. I made it extra spicy to my taste. The directions were really clear and though I usually use a rice maker to cook my rice, I preferred this method. I used higher-fat yogurt and milk because this was the main dish. Though it helped it stand on its own, I think I would have to serve it with something else to round out the meal next time. It went together very quickly and you can make it pretty much from stuff you have on hand-a perfect weeknight meal! I used brown rice and peas but other than that, I stuck to the recipe.

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Wistaria April 01, 2008

This was wonderful made with yellow split peas as I didn't have any mung dal. I used whole milk yogurt as I can't abide that watery nonfat stuff. I also used 2% milk (same reason). I love cilantro and probably used at least twice as much, but the basic recipe remained the same and it was delicious.

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Northwest Suechef April 10, 2007
Yogurt Rice