Total Time
8hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 8 hrs

Fun and easy to make, even on a boat! When we leave port for several days this comes in handy! This can be made in a crock pot or a sauce pan. Besure to watch the milk carefully that it doesn't scortch. All you need are a crock-pot or pan, wide-mouth thermos bottle, an instant read thermometer, milk, powdered milk, and some lactobacillus powder (available at health food stores) or some plain yogurt from previous batch or purchased plain yogurt with live culture.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 946.36 ml milk
  • 59.16-118.32 ml nonfat dry milk powder (The more powder the thicker the yogurt)
  • 44.37-59.16 ml plain yogurt (or from previous batch)


  1. Combine milk and powdered milk in crockpot set on high; heat until temperature reaches 200 degrees F. (A small sauce pan can be used, however watch carefully that the milk does not burn.).
  2. Allow milk to cool until it is warm, not hot (110 degrees F).
  3. Add the plain yogurt and stir well.
  4. Fill thermos with hot water.
  5. Drain hot water from wide-mouthed thermos and fill with yogurt mixture.
  6. Cap and set aside for 4 to 8 hours.
  7. The longer the yogurt sets the sharper the flavor.
  8. Store in the refrigerator; the yogurt will continue to thicken.
  9. Sweeten with fruit or honey.


Most Helpful

If you want it to be even thicker, strain the yogurt with some coffee filters or cheesecloth (about four layers) to get super thick Greek style yogurt.

MsTeechur February 07, 2013

This is the closest thing to Greek yogurt I've ever made!!! This is a super hit in our household. The texture is so thick and smooth. And you are so right about the thicker yogurt being achieved by adding more powdered milk. I absolutely live this recipe!!! Putting it in a wide mouth thermos is such a grand idea!! It's much better than using a yogurt maker. No electricity needed :) I can't thank you enough for sharing this one. You ROCK!!!!!

yedenmatka January 08, 2013

Welp wenchy woman. . .it WORKED!!!! My yogurt turned out thick and wonderful!!! I can't believe it. I have tried countless yogurt recipes and sometimes they are OK and sometimes they are runny. But this one is actually THICK! I used the sauce pan method instead of the crockpot (to cut down on time). My thermos only holds 4 cups, so I used the following measurements: 3 cups whole milk, 6 T powdered milk, 3 T whole milk plain yogurt. Let it sit for about 5 hours in the thermos, then dumped it into a container to put in the fridge and let it sit overnight (another 10 hours or so). WAY TO GO on this fun and easy method.

JanuaryBride September 23, 2010

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