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Thanks for this recipe base Derf! I NEVER thought about making Cod or any fish this way but I tried it and it turned out really good! I used 1.5lbs of fresh Cod that I cut into 4-5 inch squares and I used 6 TBLS Whole milk/cream plain Greek Probiotic Yogurt that I flavored with the spices from Baked Salmon (Baked Salmon)... 5 Garlic cloves (minced) 2 Tsp. Dried Basil 2 Tsp. Sea Salt ½ Tsp. Ground Black Pepper 2 Tbls. Fresh Lemon Juice 1 Tbls. Dried Parsley I marinated the cod in this yogurt mixture in a bowl for 2 hrs then placed the cod on a non-stick cookie sheet & topped with the remaining yogurt mixture. Next, I baked it for 15 minutes then moved it up to the broiler for 10 more minutes as I had relatively thick portions of Cod. Divine!!! I served it with Pureed Cauliflower and Scalloped Potatoes. I WILL be making this again. Soon!!

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Browntrees August 13, 2015

I love preparing cod and tilapia with yogurt. I use greek yogurt with spices added- curry powder is my favorite.

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taradelyce85 January 06, 2010

This sounded so wacky I had to try it! It was pretty decent, but I did add sour cream to the yogurt (I used a peach mango passion fruit that I had) and I think it would just have been too sweet for our tastes if I had not. I made a zucchini-potato pancake to go with it, and the sauce went pretty well with it too (kind of along the same line with the sweetness of ketchup or applesauce). My family ate it up, but no one requested it again.

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zephanie May 05, 2009
Yogurt Cod