Total Time
1hr 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 1 hr

This recipe stays soft and yummy like bread that is bought from the store for a couple of days in an air tight container. It is a great way to use up yogurt that's in the refrigerator. Adapted this recipe from


  1. Put the ingredients in the bread machine on regular or fast loaf cycle.
  2. Slice and enjoy.
Most Helpful

Just what I was looking for - light, fluffy, flavorful white bread. This recipe makes very good bread, if it is a little fussy in my opinion. I love my cooking scale, but this seems to be a bit extreme to me. 60 g milk? 1/4 cup is the same amount, and a lot easier to deal with. I haven't seen a cooking scale that will measure fractions of a gram, either. Also, this recipe makes a very small amount of bread. I doubled it and got 805 g of dough, which is not even 2 lb. I made the double batch by hand, and needed 2 tablespoons more flour. Of course, a bread machine with a non-stick bucket probably wouldn't require more flour. Anyway, each to his/her own. I will use this recipe, though will convert the parts that feel clumsy to me into units that are easier. The bread is delicious, though, and rose very high. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. Oh, and I used PaulaG's Yogurt to make the yogurt.

mianbao May 25, 2012