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What do you know?! This works! I put the dry milk and water (not all of the water, only about 1 1/2 cups), into a clean but not sterilized, small plastic pitcher, mixed, more according to the spirit of the directions than actually to the directions, with a stick blender, mixed in the yogurt briefly, stirred in the rest of the water and let it set about 10 hours. Then I refrigerated it overnight. The result is definitely yogurt. It is not (understandably) as rich as the whole milk yogurt I purchase. It is, however, quite acceptable. I have just had some with fresh mango for breakfast, and plan to use some of the rest in a bread recipe. BTW, I weighed the dry milk powder. 1 2/3 cups comes to 210 grams. I will probably have to find someplace warm if I want to do this in the winter, but room temperature seems right for now. Thank you very much for this very easy and successful recipe. I'd like to add. I've made this 3 times in the last month and a half, and I live alone. It can be soupy especially towards the bottom of the container, but I find this is true with commerical plain yogurt, too. The last time I made it - what's in the photos - I put it in the fridge too soon, so the next day, I warmed it by putting the pitcher in warm water and leaving it at (my very warm) room temperature. It firmed up fine the second time around. Well, as much as yogurt usually does.

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mianbao July 08, 2012