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This is for those with a very sweet tooth! I'm sorry I really wanted to enjoy this. I cheated to make this easier. I placed everything into my vita mix and blend till smooth added 6 ice cubes blended again till smooth. Placed in the freezer after 2 hour tasted (It was very very sweet) and reblended with 4 more ice cubes. Placed in the freezer to firm up more. Removed after a couple hours tasted and we just didn't enjoy it. Sorry.

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Rita~ June 24, 2013

This was quite tasty, but I am only leaving a comment because I am not sure I made the sorbet correctly. The recipe instructions clearly state what to do with the sugar and water, but it didn't give any further instructions regarding when to add any of the remaining ingredients. So I winged it and did what I thought seemed logical, but it didn't quite set up well enough to finish in the food processor (as specified in the last part of Step #1). I'll be sure to try this again when I have more thorough instructions, because I know it's going to be fantastic. Made for the Raiders of the Lost Pantry cooking contest.

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NorthwestGal June 24, 2013
Yo Ho Ho Rum Raisin Sorbet