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The flavors in this cupcake are awesome but like the previous review says, they are different consistencies. I also found that the vanilla batter, even though a thicker consistency, did not bake well. I tried this recipe 3 times, and followed the recipe to the exact measurements. I even went out and bought new baking soda, baking powder and salt thinking that might be my problem. The chocolate is fantastic and I will use that recipe over and over again but if anyone has suggestions as to how to bake the vanilla better, I would love to hear it. Mine tasted more like sugar cookies. The edges were crispy, stuck to my pan and what wasn't on the edge, sunk to the middle. Even an all vanilla cupcake did the same thing. Again, any help would be great because I loved the taste of these two batters!

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kcrichards34 November 14, 2013

The flavors and concept here are great, but executing the effect was really, really difficult. Now, that could just be my lack of cake skills. But -- the cake batters are different consistencies once you add the coffee/chocolate mix, so the chocolate batter is much more runny than the vanilla. So it was difficult to pour the batters simultaneously and swirl them into a yin-yang pattern. When it baked, the colors kind of mixed anyway, because they rose at different rates because of the liquid differences. The frosting was more my speed -- not perfect, but at least you can see the design! All that aside, these taste great. If you end up with marble cake on the inside, and yummy frosting outside, what's the difference anyway? Thanks, 2Bleu!

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Susiecat too June 26, 2008
Yin Yang Cupcakes