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5 stars because it was easy to make and my very picky eaters liked it. After reading some of the reviews, I substituted the slice of bread with some stuffing (ground into crumbs with food processor) for more flavor. 1 slice of bread = 1/4 cup of crumbs. Also, the first time I made this, the sauce tasted very "vinegary" (my guys did not like it at all!), so the second time I made the sauce a couple of days in advance to let the flavors marry and some of the vinegar evaporate - much better (my picky eaters thought I used a different meatloaf recipe and I wasn't about to fess up). Reducing the amount of vinegar made the sauce taste too "ketchupy." Thank you for sharing!

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alinasls August 05, 2010

Best Meatloaf I have ever made. Absolutely rave reviews. I cant imagine anyone saying they did not like it! Oh well, to each his own favourites I guess! For me, this one has been a keeper ever since I discovered it here months ago. Rather than prepare the meatloaf in a family size loaf pan I make 4 or 5 small ones in small glass baking dishes and freeze them and then just pop in oven or micro to reheat when needed. I have also froze the sauce in ice cube trays and then have extra sauce when I pull out one of the little loafs. The frozen sauce melts almost immediately over the hot loaf. Love it.

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thousandislandsgirl May 22, 2011

I've made this several times now, and thought it was time to post my rave review. Best, best meatloaf I've ever made! Even better than my mom used to make, and I loved hers. I followed another's hint and sautee the chopped onions with a large clove of minced garlic before adding to the meat mixture, and add about 1/2 t. worstestershire sauce. I sometimes add a couple Tblsp. of bbq sauce to the sauce mixture, but the sauce is great without it too - I always make extra for those who like it extra "extra saucy"! Scrumptious comfort food.

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boomerthepug July 10, 2011

My husband wanted a meatloaf like his mother use to make (He is 78 years old). This receipt fit the bill. Thank you so much!!!

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Marlene Segers April 06, 2003

This recipe had good flavor...but there are a few things I'd change next time. First: Saute the onions prior to mixing into the meat to help soften them and incorporate them in. Second: use less milk...a lot less milk. Third: add a little dry mustard, minced garlic and Worcestershire sauce. Otherwise delicious and we enjoyed it.

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Alaska Katie November 26, 2011

I have been trying to find a vintage style meatloaf recipe for years. The search stops here. This is your down home, like grandma used to make meatloaf. Made as is and the only thing I may do differently next time is add some Worceshire sauce. The only reason for that is hubby loves it and put some on two pieces. Please take the advice of another reviewer and make the sauce ahead of time. It is very vinegary when first made but settles down after just a couple of hours in the fridge.

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CowboysChick September 25, 2013

The flavor and ease of preparation are outstanding for this meatloaf, and everyone in my family very much enjoyed it. The only thing keeping me from rating it 5 stars was the fact that it was very liquidy (like others, I had to pour off a cup or more of liquid- and since I used lean ground beef I believe a lot of it was either water or excess liquid from the milk) and didn't have the crusty edge I prefer my meatloaf to have.

I'll definitely make it again, but will likely use dried breadcrumbs instead of a slice of bread and probably cut the milk to 1/3 cup instead of 1/2. I also made the mistake of cutting my onion too coarsely, which made the meatloaf fall apart a bit. I'll dice them more finely next time as well.

Absolutely loved the sauce. Wouldn't change a thing there.

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JPiro July 08, 2011

This was AWESOME!! We used garlic bread crumbs instead of sliced bread.....to die for!! ALso added about a spoonful of honey to the sauce....YUM!! This will be a staple in our menu from now on!!

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ohsweetmotherofpearl November 18, 2010

Wonderful!. I used 1 cup of chicken stuffing mix instead of bread and a 1/4t of worcestershire sauce the second time I made it and my kids loved it.

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potsuki October 01, 2011

I'm pretty sure I could have the body of Heidi Klum, money for hair, and the ability to grant three wishes, and my boyfriend would STILL love this meatloaf more.

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crumbelievable June 02, 2014
Yes, Virginia There is a Great Meatloaf