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Very very nice, I halved the recipe but not the liquid that you add and that turned out good, used only 1 tablespoon of rice per vegetable. It was enough for the size of the tomatoes and the peppers I used. Could not get the cheese you mentioned in the recipe and used grated Halloumi cheese. The raw rice was perfectly cooked by the time we had the dish. The only thing I added was some dried oregano.

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Pets'R'us April 21, 2003

FINALLY.. !! My grandmother used to make these and I have been searching the world for the recipe that would capture this uniquely "greek/turkish" taste.
Well folks.. this is it !
Evelyn shows deep understanding of greek cuisine in her quantity of olive oil (don't be alarmed..) and , especially her step 10. ( Leave an hour or two in the oven..) This is very important as it allows a kind of caramelization which is.. everything ! without this last step mine used to taste like a warm pepper salad mixed with rice !
It has now become one of my family's favourites !

Just a tiny detail.. since the rice is not pre-boiled, it will expand.. so don't stuff them all the way to the top or they will overspill..
I also dribbled 1/2 tsp of olive oil on the mixture in each pepper after stuffing ( but then..I'm an olive-oil addict )

( Evelyn you are a national treasure !! )


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dvoulio November 02, 2012

Veggie Dornette #1 was home for the weekend and I thought I would surprise her with something besides lasagne (which she asks for each time she comes home). Peppers are plentiful in the market now, although it's not really tomato season. I did try this with 2 tomatoes, but I have to say that the recipe was 90% peppers. To make up for the missing tomato flesh I used some canned tomatoes, chopped up. Left out the mint, because I knew the kids would never touch it with mint (not very adventurous, my kids). I also left out the raisins, again, because the kids won't eat anything with "bugs" in it. Doubled up on the pine nuts instead, you can never have too many pine nuts (budget permitting). The only other change -- I didn't have (or even look for) mizithra or kefalograviera cheese, so I used a nice Cypriot haloumi instead. Ev, major yummy dish here!

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Mirj February 08, 2004

Outstanding! Made exactly as written, used shredded parmesan, and it turned out PERFECT!!! Evelyn, you are a gem for sharing this, everyone LOVED IT! I will make this again and again.

Updated 08/27/12: I can not say enough great things about this recipe. You can not get results like this from a cookbook. Evelyn's instructions and measurements are like learning from your Greek yaya. I turn to this recipe again and again, and have made these probably 8 times - always perfect, always to rave reviews. Make them, you won't be disappointed.

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Wendyla in Cali August 27, 2012

Oh My! These were the best stuffed peppers and tomatoes I have ever had in my life. This recipe is amazing. If you are thinking of trying this, think no longer, this is a winner. I have never been so happy with a recipe in my life. I love Greek food and this is Greek. Absolutely amazing! There should be a special category for recipes like this. 10 stars and more. Thank you so much for this dish. My family and I are still fighting for the leftovers.

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amie atwood May 11, 2007

Great recipe. It's realy worth the time it takes to prepare. It's not the one I had in Santorini, but it's close.

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ekives February 06, 2004

These were very good the first day, although my husband wasn't crazy about them. I took a lefover pepper and a tomato as my lunch for work today, and BOY - this is the kind of dish that really improves after sitting a while! It was incredible! This would be a nice thing to make for a buffet dinner party.

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Sudie April 28, 2003

absolutely "lick the plate"!!!!!!

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mummamills July 07, 2015

Very tasty. I had to improvise a tiny bit with ingredients due to what I had on hand (and because I cut the peppers the way I typically do to remove the stem, oops!), but nothing serious. The only thing I'd change is to to possibly reduce the olive oil a little. I'll have to "sacrifice" myself for a few more experiments of this recipe to be sure. :)

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LipSmackingYum November 04, 2013
Yemista (Greek Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers)