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Very good if not quite authentic (I am used to using things like whole cumin seed and asafoetida). I did use toor dal in mine which is similar type of yellow dal which cooks the same way and tastes similar as well. I did add a little salt, but I did not use the broth, only water, as I am used to. Thanks for sharing!

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Sue Lau January 23, 2015

This was great! and hot! I didn't have/couldn't find YELLOW lentils so used what I had that was just labelled lentils. I think yellow don't have the skins on. I pureed it with my immersion blender though, so it was ok. I just had ginger in a jar and used a spoonful as my estimate of 3/4" of fresh ginger and I might have overestimated because that was the predominant flavor. Also used one habernero pepper that I froze in the fall, with a few seeds. Made for Rookie Recipe Tag Fall 2013.

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sheepdoc January 11, 2014

My first time trying Moong Dal Lentils, and they are so tender. I recommend the Ajika brand that you can get at http://www.ajika.com/ or on Amazon. Looking forward to making this again (a double batch next time).

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FLKeysJen October 14, 2013

Mellow cumin taste, as I made it with 2 mild Anaheim (aka New Mexico) chili peppers; next time I will use 1 jalapeno as I slowly climb the Scoville scale. I used 2 tablespoons butter. I did not puree, so the texture reminded me of soupy grits. I ended up with 4 cups of soup from 4 cups of chicken broth (I let the soup cook down an extra 10 minutes as I prefer a thicker soup). My photo shows the total output. I ate all 4 cups of soup, it was such a pleasant taste combination. My neighborhood Indian grocer commented that he usually uses Toor Dal instead of Mung Dal because he thinks Mung Dal causes gasiness; I experienced some in a few hours. Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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KateL March 23, 2013

It's a good thing that this soup is so healthy - because I can't stop eating it!! 2 servings yes, maybe, or only 1 serving before the evening is gone. I keep going back for more.I used only 1 tsp for sauteing the onions and what aroma when the onions, garlic and ginger were cooking. Yum. I used green mung dal and chicken broth. I also cut back the butter in which the cumin was fried to just 2 tsp and I finished off the soup with some lemon and cilantro. The recipe has been updated since I made the soup and I used thyme instead of tumeric. I will keep on using thyme because it works with the onion, garlic and ginger. This is such a keeper if you like lentil type soups. In my favorites of 2011 it goes.

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Deantini May 11, 2011
Yellow Mung Dal Soup - Dal Shorba