Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is awesome! I don't even like triple sec but it's good in here! I got this off of when I wanted something different.

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  1. Put in drink shaker, may add some ice if you wish for it to be cold. Shake up and pour into shot glass.
  2. If you have no shaker put in glass one at a time starting with order listed, but a shaker really is best for this shot.
  3. Slam back and enjoy!
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4 5

Good but not really tasting of yellow cake but it's still down-the-hatch good.

4 5

A great sweet and fruity shot! I was looking for something to use my vanilla vodka in, and this really hit the spot. It faintly reminded me of yellow cake... but delicious and smooth in any case!

4 5

nice & fruity - not really tasting like vanilla cake though. But a good shot!