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I've been looking high and low for this recipe and I finally found it! Thanks! These turned out great. I didn't do the sauce anymore (it was sweet enough as is) and will remember to chop the peanuts a little finer for the filling next time. I also put in more than 5 TB. of cold water to have a workable dough. I'd recommend rolling this in finely chopped peanuts or peanut powder after boiling to make it even more delicious!

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Shasha October 28, 2007

***** I LOVED this recipe! The dumplings are so chewy and yummy. I used to always watch Yan Can Cook as a kid and thought he was awesome, but this is the first recipe of his I've ever tried. I was not disappointed. I couldn't locate glutinous flour, so I just used a coffee grinder to make my own from uncooked sticky rice. It worked great. This was very similar to mochi that I've bought from the store...it was cool to make my own. One more thing - I got lazy at the end and didn't want to stuff any more rice balls, so I just boiled the rest without filling. They were good, too! Thanks for sharing.

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Aunt Cookie October 27, 2006
Yan's Sweet Rice Dumplings