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Pretty good. But I would change a few things. First I would use metal skewers, as I usually use my gas grill, plus the meat doesnt roll arounf on the skewer. However, the best way to make yakitori is on a hibachi over live hardwood coals (not briquets). I have never had much luck with bamboo skewers, they always burn no matter how long you soak them. Next, I would make sauce or tare like they do in Japan. Some tare recipes or tare pots have been in use for up to 5 years! Well to save that trouble, take 8 chicken wings, soy sauce, mirin, and sake and sugar. First boil the tare, put the wings in. Then simmer the wings in the tare for 30 minutes. Save the tare wings to broil and enjoy with a beer, dont throw them away. Next let the sauce come to room temp. Use it to either dip the yaki skewers in or brush them as they cook for a nice glaze. No need to marinate the meat, just let it cool off as you brush them with sauce. That is the authentic way and will taste better than most yakitori sauces, because of the extra chicken flavor, like the Japanese traditional tare pot. Boil the sauce before using again, it stays good for a month in a tighly covered container.

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Zatoichi December 09, 2003
Yakitori ( Seasoned Chicken on Skewers)