Yakitori (Chicken on Skewers)

Total Time
20 mins
10 mins

These have a wonderful bourbon, golden colour, and the flavours in the recipe speak for themselves. 'Nuff said!

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  1. Soak 25 wooden skewers in water for 20 minutes.
  2. Cut chicken into bit size pieces.
  3. Combine sake, soy, mirin, and sugar in small pan, bring to boil, set aside.
  4. Thread chicken on skewers, alternatively with the scallions.
  5. Place skewers on foil lined tray and cook under preheated grill, turning and brusshing frequently with sauce for 7 - 8 mins, or til chicken is cooked.
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Love Yakitori and we love skewers making this the perfect recipe to try at our house. Like Pneuma used chicken breasts and found it a delicious version of Yakitori. Not having mirin on hand I used a white wine which worked for me - will be sure to have it next time around. Setting the recipe aside to use for starters the next itme we do a get together. Thank you djmastermum.

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So EASY to do, REALLY is a TERRIFIC recipe too! Love the combination, healthy as can be! Best of all? I LOVE sake! :) Thanks!

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This is different from the other yakitori I tried but delicious as well in its own right. Used chicken breast here and love it with the onions. I also used some of the extra sauce as dip and will use the rest to make another batch again. Alternating the onions and chicken gave an appetizing look to the recipe. :D Thanks for sharing this, djmastermum! Made and reviewed for Asia's Let's Get Skewered Tag Game 2008.