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Yooper,this is super! The first day I made it I used frozen spinach and half a cup was way too much - I forgot about the shrinkage. This is delicious but for my third time, I'll use a little more egg (it's hard to get the omelet to stick together with so many veggies) and less feta. I used fat free feta with Mediterranean herbs and a few tablespoons would provide enough flavor. I used fresh veggies but love the idea of using the frozen birds eye blend since it also has yellow peppers. That would be five different kinds of veggies out of the way before 8 a.m. - what a great start for the day. Thanks and sorry about the Packers.

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FLKeysJen January 21, 2008

This was delicious! I used whole eggs as I'm not counting points. I love the combination of the onions, peppers and spinach along with the two cheeses. I used a local cheese that's a bit more salty than feta, so I didn't add salt at all to the dish. I had this on some whole wheat toast, with a cup of strong coffee on the side and the weekend paper in front of me. Good breakfast, thanks Yoop!

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Mirj June 04, 2007
Ww Inspired Greek Infused Egg White Omelet