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I thought this recipe was so-so. I'm curious if the poster has made this recipe now... please post an update if you have one! My first question/problem was... "red pepper"? What form? I thought at first it meant fresh red pepper, but when I saw the quanity, I realized it was more likely red pepper flakes. That is what I used... a little less than the 1/2 t. called for, and it was still a bit too spicy for my husband/kids. And then my other problem was because I don't have a food processor... I've made hummus in the blender before so I thought it would be fine. But once I got the ingredients in, I realized this recipe was way too dry to be processed in a blender. I ended up having to alter the recipe just to be be able to mix it in my blender - I upped the lemon juice to 1.5 T. And I added water little by little. But I really don't think that was the problem... the taste was just sort of blah. I think I will just buy tahini and count the points for WW Core. Bummer. I really wanted to love this. If anyone else has any tips to spice it up a bit (and stay within WW Core), please post them!

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kendall603 August 10, 2008
Ww Core Hummus