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This recipe is a joke, I was super excited to find a low cal brownie and when I saw that this was less than 80 calories per serving I was thrilled, however I am very glad that I do my own calorie counting as i cook since i noticed that the calorie count for the brownies excluding the icing was 2188 / by 24 servings as recipe suggests is 91 calories without even adding the icing too it. I couldn't figure out why my calories were so much higher until i looked at the nutritional information and noticed and asterisk stating the the nutritional information was given without factoring in the low fat sweetened condensed milk and seeing that 1100 of the brownies calories are coming from the low fat sweetened condesed milk I think that is a pretty big thing to leave out. I wasn't planning on making the icing and now I can't even imagine how high the calories actually are in this. Just confirms why I always calculate my own calories while I cook. Very disappointing

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figuregirl February 04, 2013

Lies! I just plugged this into the WW recipe builder and the brownie alone is 4 points...I didn't bother adding the icing. I'll pass.

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beth.malone January 15, 2016

I'm no stranger to baking and from the get-go I knew that something sounded off. Well turns out, I was right. This recipe does NOT make brownies at all, it actually will end up as the moistest, most dense cake ever. I mean..It was good but they definitely weren't brownies. Definitely can't eat them without frosting either, they're really bitter. With frosting they're fine.

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Nicole N. January 09, 2016

Not bad if I must says, It made alot of brownies and the taste was sooo chocolaty. I had three myself and I'm on a diet I was only going for one ahah. They where addictive and I loved them. But the only thing I didn't like was the frosting, it was so simple and it tasted to sugary and i had to take it off my brownie everytime cause i didn't like it. But overall thanks for the recipe I'll make it again with regulare all ready made frosting.

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vicky_vien_x3 February 09, 2008

These brownies are AMAZING. They're rich but so good. Thank you for the fantastic recipe!

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neverfadetogray August 17, 2007

Oh my! These are addictive!! Loved them! Made a batch and I am working my way through it... 3 points x 24.... Yikes!! :) I wasn't sure that I would like the icing but it is delicious and goes well with the brownies. Thanks mariposa for this yummy brownie recipe!!

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Redsie February 05, 2007
Ww 3 Points - Iced Chocolate Brownies