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Well, my kids loved these, seeing as they contain sugar and are chocolate and mini. Also, they were pretty quick and easy to do. Mine needed closer to 12 minutes bake time in the mini pan. I like that they can be mixed up by hand without an electric mixer - the batter is thick and kind of gummy-textured so it's not exactly easy, but not difficult enough for me to lose patience with it, so definitely doable with effort. The thickness and gumminess of the batter makes it rather difficult to get into the mini donut pan neatly, as it's not pourable and clumps in the pan and sticks to the spoon when you try to distribute it evenly so the donut doesn't turn out with a lumpy bumpy top. I am glad the recipe did not make any more than 24 because I would have gotten fed up with trying to get this batter into the little cavities. I also felt that these were lacking in the flavor department, but I can appreciate the fact that they are a fairly quick easy way to delight kids with cute mini donuts without needing to deep-fry. I imagine a glaze would surely help with the taste issue, so if you are trying these I do recommend that you plan on glazing them.

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Cook+Princess November 28, 2013

My kids loved these! My DD saw them and said that she would never eat another store bought donut again. They made so much noise when they were eating them I was afraid that they would choke. When DD actually ate one she said that she would miss these when I was gone (as in deceased :roll:). I promised to give her the recipe before then. DS (4 yrs.) kept smacking his head. He said that he had to do it because they were so good. DH thought they were just like store bought. I give these another 5 stars because my son has food allergies and can't have donuts from most places. I put some in the freezer to see how they do. Another 5 stars because I didn't have to fry them. I didn't have coffee so I used 1T Nestle's chocolate milk syrup and 1/2 c minus 1T skim milk. The donuts were cakey and a little spongy. I thought that the slightly spongy texture might be due to the milk. But my family had no problems with that. I also couldn't find my donut pan and used a mini bundt pan instead. They looked kind of fancy. I put in about 1/4 batter and got 10 donuts. I cooked them for 10 minutes. I wasn't sure of the glaze because I only used 1T water and it was pretty thin. But it fine, it made a nice little crust on the donuts, just like the ones from a donut place. As far as points go I figured them to be 5 pts each. Thanks for a great recipe. Now I can justify the space the previously unused mini bundt pans take up. I first rated these on Feb.21, 2008 but the stars didn't make it on.

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cookee monster July 07, 2008

It's pretty good. Although I suspected it wouldn't taste really like a real doughnut, it is as good as it gets being not fried! I also used my Donut Express pans (someone gave us) as the recipe that was supposed to comes along with the pans weren't in the box, besides I heard they weren't any good anyway. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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JMigs;0) January 23, 2007

The kids are doughnut connoisseurs, and just gobbled these up. Regular doughnuts are so BAD that they're a rare treat around here, so it's nice to find a recipe that's low fat and still yummy. I used my Donut Express pans, 12 mini and 6 regular size. These are very lowfat so even though the pans are nonstick, they should be sprayed well with cooking spray. I'd suggest checking them early, 8 minutes was just a bit much in my oven for the mini ones. I didn't even let them cool all of the way before glazing. A lovely treat with a cup of coffee. Thanks, mariposa, for posting!

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LonghornMama September 05, 2005
Ww 2 Points - Chocolate Mini Doughnuts