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I enjoyed the flavors of this but had some problems with the texture. After 8 minutes my onions were fairly carmelized and browned. They were also very dry given the small amount of oil in this low fat dish. Really ready to serve at that point. Continued with the recipe as stated, adding the broth and boiling it off. I found this made the onions quite good but left the peppers a tad to mushy. Perhaps this was becase they were prety soft from the roasting. Wondering if this would have worked better if the broth were slowly added to the onions while they were cooking then adding the garlic and peppers at the end. Will certainly play with this a bit as I love peppers and onions. Served mine with pork chops at dinner and with scrambled eggs the next day. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni October 01, 2006

Quick and easy to make, wonderfully flavoursome and SO low in fat (2.8g), so I’ll certainly be making this again, often! I have zero tolerance of hot and spicy foods so I made this with sweet red baby peppers and I doubled the garlic and added some Greek mixed spices to the herbs. For the stock, I used my chicken stock version of my Vegetable Stock Vegetable Stock. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. Just loved it!

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bluemoon downunder January 19, 2006
Ww 1 Point - Roast Peppers With Onions