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Thank you for re-introducing me to the delicious taste of arepas. Prior to starting WW, I always made them with shortening or lard and gave them up. This version was quite tasty and Core to boot. If you like polenta, you'll like these. On making these I've enjoyed them with shredded chicken and chiles. Have also made a lighter version of my favorite street food, mozz-arepas using low fat mozzarella cheese for 2 points. Thanks Mariposa.

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justcallmetoni April 10, 2006

They look mighty tasty... Reminds me of my friend Martita, she was Colombian, but lived in Venezuela, she passed away a month ago... and you brought wonderful memories of good times around the kitchen.

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Pinkgirl April 23, 2007
Ww 1 Point - Arepas (Alternative to Tortillas) OAMC