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I LOVE this soup! I usually double the recipe so I can eat it all week. I don't use zucchini though. It is too mushy and ruins it for me. I add corn instead. I also use half of the small can of tomato paste.

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MommyXfour September 13, 2010

I haven't tried this soup yet but plan to soon. I just wanted to point out to all those following WW's (or trying to do it on their own) that this soup is no longer 0-points under WW's. They just revamped their program and now all their zero point soups are 1-point.

6/8/12 - I FINALLY tried this recipe and found it too bland for my taste. However, that is often the case with WW recipes & my taste buds :(.

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"mom of girls" June 08, 2012

Amazing...... I made the original years ago and this is by far the best I've had. I added lots of assorted mushrooms as well as baby spinach and hot pepper flakes. I did sauté the everything including the cabbage before adding the beef broth to bring out the flavor. Enjoy!!!!!

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lleemarcucci_8198201 January 02, 2012

What a delightful surprise! I'm not on WW and I only made this soup to use up some cabbage and veggies I had on hand. Delicious!! I am trying to lose some weight as well as eat a healthier diet so this is perfect for me. This recipe is going to be in regular rotation!! Thanks for posting.

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Marjorie W. September 17, 2011

This sounds wonderful, but many people have complained that it is bland. I will be making it today, but I will be using a couple of other things in it to spice it up. The additions are based on another recipe I have used frequently called Stuffed Cabbage Soup, a Rachel Ray recipe. My additions: 1/2 cup diced green pepper, 1/2 teaspoons allspice, 1 tablespoon paprika, 2 teaspoons ground coriander, 1 tablespoon red pepper flakes, half a bunch of parsley and 2 bay leaves. I am leaving out the basil and oregano. The green pepper tastes wonderful with the cabbage and brings out a lot of flavor. I'll also add some tomatoes. None of my additions will add any points.

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GailSR June 11, 2013

After making this again yesterday, I'm now revising my previous review from 2 stars to 4. I think the reason I didn't like it the first time I made it is that I had followed the instructions and cooked my garlic much too long..I suppose it burned, which gave the entire soup a bad taste. This time I sauteed onion and carrots in extra virgin olive oil for about 5 minutes, THEN added the garlic and cooked only til the garlic was fragrant. Otherwise, I followed the recipe using the beef broth and it turned out to be quite good, as well as quick, easy and very nutritious. And the next day, it was even tastier. I'm so glad I gave this soup another chance...I'll definitely be making it regularly.

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Okra April 27, 2013

This is so good! It does not even taste like it is actually a "diet" food. I followed recipe for vegetables as written except for using red onion instead of yellow because that is all that I had. I just used 2 cans of beef broth instead of measuring out 3 cups. For seasonings I used the basil and oregano as directed and then added 1 tsp Mrs. Dash, 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp pepper. I ended up tossing in 1/2 tsp of Frank's Red Hot too. This is perfect! I started cooking this in the morning so that I could eat it for lunch and I ended up eating it for breakfast too! Thanks for the great recipe.

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cherriezzontop July 25, 2012

Yummy yummy. The beef broth made a big difference. I've been eating veg soup ALL week and making many chicken and veg broth based soups so this was a welcome change plus I sauteed in one chuck tenderloin (tender and inexpensive!). I actually didn't use cabbage at all but rather doubled the green beans, zucchini, onions and garlic, as I wanted to use up veggies before vacation next week. Also didn't want to open a can of tomato paste so I threw in my last tomato. Seems like it would be great with mushrooms and scallions too as another reviewer mentioned. Overall delicious and so easy!

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hkellison June 24, 2011

great, I added 1 jalapeno (raw with seeds) to the onion mixture, then at the end I added 1 pack of red peppers(pizza packets). Very good ty

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spotty129 March 21, 2012

Loved this soup! My kids complained about the zucchini but they would in any recipe. Definitely needs celery and the more carrots the merrier. We will do this over and over I am sure. I think it need more broth though so don't be afraid to add some. Thank you for the recipe.

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hspeer February 26, 2014
Ww 0 Point Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup